CXL 5.2 has arrived (finally) 
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 CXL 5.2 has arrived (finally)

I finally got my CXL 5.2 diskettes in the mail yesterday.  It couldn't have
been a minute sooner; I had been taking heat from my boss for a week, and I
had just been told to get another package; if the package had not arrived
when it did, I was going to cancel the order (and the check), and file a

But, the package is here, and it looks great.  For anyone considering using
a windowing/data entry package, CXL is terrific; for those who are using it,
rumor has it that version 6.0 will be a dramatic enhancement of an already
excellent package.  The fact that it is now *available* makes all the
difference in the world.

I still haven't heard what went wrong, or why the author vanished for 2 months
leaving a BBS, CompuServe account, and apparently a PO box full of money.  But,
for now, they are filling orders, and hopefully there this won't happen again.

(919) 782-8171             BBS: (919) 782-3095

Sun, 11 Oct 1992 10:00:17 GMT  
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