passing a string by LPSTR or by BSTR 
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 passing a string by LPSTR or by BSTR

Hi all ,

I am a beginner to MSVC and I have a problem . I want to pass a
string from a C dll to Visual Basic . ( I use VC++ 2.2 and VB 4.0 on
Windows NT server )

my c function is implemented as follows : ( I receive the data from a
CP card in the form of an array of char , I will simulate them here .

int WINAPI read ( BSTR datastring )
char carddata [256] ;

carddata[0] = '30' ;  // this is a problem , because you cannot
                                define a character '30'
carddata[1] = 'b' ;
carddata[2] = '4' ;
carddata[3] = 'd' ;
carddata[4] = 'g' ;
carddata[5] = 'f' ;

SysReAllocstring ( &datastring , ( BSTR) datastring );


my VB declaration is

Declare Function read Lib "c:\stringdll.dll" (ByVal arg As String) As

Form :

Private Sub Command5_Click()
Dim resultaat As Integer
Dim arg1  As Integer
Dim value As String

value = String(256, 0)

resultaat = read(value)
Text6 = value
Text7 = resultaat
End Sub

I pass the string By Val  ; I use the SysReAllocString function
because I saw that in an example of MS .
The trouble is when I try to use LPSTR , I always get error messages
in my C compiler . What is the best way to pass a string to VB program
? It should also be possible to pass a string which contains an '\0'
char . What is now the exact usage of LPSTR and BSTR or which is the
best way to do so ?( returning as returnvalue or as argument ) What
does the SysReallocString ? Is it really necessary ?

Wed, 24 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 passing a string by LPSTR or by BSTR

>Hi all ,

>I am a beginner to MSVC and I have a problem . I want to pass a
>string from a C dll to Visual Basic . ( I use VC++ 2.2 and VB 4.0 on
>Windows NT server )

The C language doesn't define any support DLL's or inter-language linking.
Your question is really about the Windows environment and the working
of particular compilers under that environment so you really need to
post in a Windows related newsgroup such as



Thu, 25 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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