Any small sample code in 'C'? 
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 Any small sample code in 'C'?

Hello!  Anyone out there know of any public domain 'C' code that's
available for downloading, and which would be good for a beginner to
tinker around with?  I want to learn 'C' but I don't want to type in those
stupid little programs, that don't do anything useful, one commonly
finds in books on how to learn 'C'.  Preferably, the code should be in
ANSI 'C' and be highly portable (or be written specifically for THINK C).
Thanks in advance for any help.

Phil Calvert

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Thu, 03 Nov 1994 02:26:17 GMT  
 Any small sample code in 'C'?

Phil Calvin is interested in a collection of ANSI C programs
to help with learning C.  Both my text book "The Intensive C
Course" and a video production of the same title contain numerous
examples, short and hopefully pertinent.  These programs and files
are available electronically.  Just let me know.



Fri, 04 Nov 1994 19:39:48 GMT  
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