C functions cross-referencing tool 
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 C functions cross-referencing tool

Hello all,

are there tools for something like this :
Platform : Win2000 (+cygwim)
Project : Visual C++
Input : root directory containing multiple subdirectories/include
Task : generate a .TXT file with functions cross-references, like :
f_1    CALLS
f_10  (DEFINED IN c_file_10)
f_11  (DEFINED IN c_file_11) etc...

and the other way around :
f_1    CALLED BY :
f_2    (c_file_2    line_2)
f_22  (c_file_22  line_22) etc...

I already looked at GNU utilities like :
ctags, global, cscope (do not generate TXT output file)
Understand for C++, VisualSlick Editor (only GUI interface, no
scripting/post-proccessing available)....
Have not tried mkid yet.

appreciate your comments,

Sun, 05 Dec 2004 07:23:04 GMT  
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