ClassMagic Professional -- a toolkit for assembling real-time applications and components for Windows 
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 ClassMagic Professional -- a toolkit for assembling real-time applications and components for Windows



COSTA MESA, CA (January 15, 1998) - Object Dynamics Corp. announced today
the upcoming release of ClassMagic? Professional - the professional toolkit
for assembling high performance applications, components and system services
for Windows NT and Windows 98.

Building on the success of the company's ClassMagic object assembly
technology, the new product works with all standard development tools,
including those from Microsoft, Borland and NuMega, and increases the
productivity of Windows developers by a factor of two, capitalizing on their
existing investments in skills, libraries and already working code.

ClassMagic Professional adds significant new functionality to ClassMagic
while maintaining full compatibility with the lower-priced standard edition.
Key new features include complete support for building and assembling
objects using both C++ and C languages, automatic maintenance of dynamic
part arrays, synchronous and asynchronous message passing, 63 advanced new
API functions, as well as optimized performance.

"Most productivity tools are built with desktop applications in mind and are
not suitable for real-time systems; also, many real-time and embedded
developers use C - it is simpler, faster and gives them lots of control,"
said Andrey Savov, lead developer of ClassMagic. "For real-time developers,
ClassMagic Professional is an opportunity to build modular, reusable
object-oriented software without sacrificing simplicity, performance or
control. It is like having your pie and eating it, too."

ClassMagic Professional is scheduled for release in the third quarter of
1998. An early adopter program starts March 1st 1998 and will make the
toolkit available immediately to qualified professional developers for a
nominal charge. Early adopters will receive pre-releases of ClassMagic
Professional, documentation, extended developer-grade support and
substantial discount on the final release.

Developers interested to participate in the early adopter program should
contact Jessie Smart at (714) 825-1711, ext. 106 or visit
http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

About Object Dynamics

Established in 1993, Object Dynamics is a leading provider of object
assembly tools and software engineering services. The company is located in
Southern California and has established a reputation as a vendor of high
quality software with customers like Canon, Canadian Marconi, Leybold,
Odetics Telecom, Philips, Toshiba, Rockwell and many other industry leaders.
To date, the ClassMagic technology has been used successfully to assemble
thirty one industrial strength applications and components, the majority of
them for real-time and embedded products

Peter Nickolov
tel: (714) 825-1713


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 ClassMagic Professional -- a toolkit for assembling real-time applications and components for Windows




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