The making of void main(void) 
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 The making of void main(void)


>>> I will admit, though, that most versions of lint are
>>> unfortunately rather seriously behind the times, and too
>>> frustrating to use too much of the time.

>> One more time:  PC-Lint (available from Gimpel Software for about $160)
>> handles all of these with trivial ease...

> One more time: I work on Domain/OS, OSF/1, ULTRIX, HPUX, SunOS, Solaris,
> IRIX and AIX. Is PC-Lint available for these systems? Is PC-Lint available
> for other systems used by other comp.lang.c readers?

Richard was right to correct me; I should have said "many" rather
than "most," or otherwise arranged not to give the impression
that there are no good lints available.

If Dan had read the comp.lang.c FAQ list as carefully as he
demands others to, he would have seen:

  13.3: Where can I get an ANSI-compatible lint?

  A:    A product called FlexeLint is available (in "shrouded source
        form," for compilation on 'most any system) from

                Gimpel Software
                3207 Hogarth Lane
                Collegeville, PA  19426  USA
                (+1) 215 584 4261

(Hmm, the FAQ list doesn't even mention the PC-Lint option.)

I have mail from Anneliese at Gimpel Software pointing out that
their area code is changing from 215 to 610, that their fax
number is 610-584-4266, and that their e-mail address is

                                        Steve Summit

P.S.  Dan, you should probably lighten up on your zealotry a bit.
Even if comp.lang.c's charter were as pure as you're claiming it
is, and even if you were much more polite in your exhortations to
people to follow it, you still wouldn't have a chance of getting
rid of all the traffic you're not interested in.  I don't like
MS-DOS any more than you do, but there are enough people on the
planet still helplessly using it that its name is bound to crop
up once in a while.

Mon, 21 Apr 1997 23:21:34 GMT  
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