Interrupted read() calls update stat structure (Unix-specific) 
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 Interrupted read() calls update stat structure (Unix-specific)

I am having a problem with one of our programs interaction with
"idle-out" daemons, such as finger or "w".  The program polls the
keyboard as part of an event gathering loop.  The Unix SysV code does a
sequence of:

        signal(SIGALRM, handler);
        read(0, ...);

to effect the poll.  This works well, except that it cause the idle-out
program to think a read has occured.  It seems that an interrupted
read() causes the stat structure a_time and m_time elements to be
updated, even though no input occured.  The following small program
demonstrates this:

/* begin demonstration program */
 * This program reads from fd 0 until an EOF is seen.  If no input occurs
 * within 2 seconds, the read() is interrupted and the loop cycles.
 * The printout shows the stat structure changes with each interrupted read().
#include <stdio.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>

static int aflag = 0;

        char c[1];
        int atrap();
        struct stat sb;

        for (;;aflag=0) {
                signal(SIGALRM, atrap);
                if (read(0, c, 1) == 0)
                signal(SIGALRM, SIG_IGN);
                if (fstat(0, &sb) != -1)
                        printf("%s read: atime=%ld, mtime=%ld\n",
                                (aflag ? "interrupted" : "completed"),
                                sb.st_atime, sb.st_mtime);



/* end demonstration program */

My question is -- given a (pre-streams) Unix SysV environment, is there
a method of polling the keyboard which will *not* produce a change to
the stat structure?  I have tried toggling the fcntl() O_NDELAY bit, but
this seems to put a greater strain on the cpu.  And, running with
O_NDELAY set for the duration of the program can really bite you, if an
unforseen death occurs.

Any solutions or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Dave Hammond


Sat, 11 Jul 1992 07:28:39 GMT  
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