C++ question with "delete" 
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 C++ question with "delete"

In some texts like Stroustrup (2nd Ed, pg 500) there are two
forms of delete
    delete expr
    delete [] expr
and the second one is mandatory for pointers to arrays.

But all the code I look at in places I find never uses the
second form, and I vaguely thought that the second syntax
had become redundant.   (Lots of places in GNUC libraries
and Borland libraries where strings etc. are deleted with
the first syntax...
    char *p = new char [20];
     delete p;     (not delete [] p;)

What is the current state of affairs, did the standards change,
and more importantly, where can I get up-to-date reference manual,
preferably electronically.

EP Wentworth - Dept. of Comp. Sci. - Rhodes University - Grahamstown - RSA.

Fri, 23 Aug 1996 23:03:41 GMT  
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