Help on designing a C programming course 
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 Help on designing a C programming course

To all proficient C programmers and instructors

I have been given the daunting task of teaching a number of people to
program efficiently in C. Although I've been programming for a number of
years in C/C++, I really haven't written any tutorials or course notes
on the subject. Does anyone have any good teaching material and
programming tips, styles, algorithms, tips and tricks, etc for me to use
in teaching novice programmers. If I had time I would collect all FAQs
on these subjects and advise the students to browse through the
documents but I think giving a course is a better option.

The target audience for the course will be programmers with less than 2
years C experince in a professional environment. The kind of content I
would like to deal with are the following:

memory management and pointers
arrays of data structures and dynamic memory alloaction
caching data structures in memory
shared memory
Avoiding bottleneck of network traffic when using RPCs
Reducing lines of code and reuse of existing code
ANSI C style indentation and comments
Headers files, extern and static prototypes, macros
The linker, compiler and preprocessor stages of building a program

Basically any stuff that is not normally covered in your standard C
language reference manual !!

I think most novice programmers will benefit from this knowledge and I
hope you can help me.



p.s. If you know any good web pages or archives , please can you forward
the address. Many thanks.

Sat, 05 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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