very large integer values 
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 very large integer values

 na> I've got a simple question for someone out there.. I am currently
 na> writing a simple program to recursively compute values for a Fibonacci
 na> series alrogithm (F(N)=F(N-1)+F(N-2)), a simple sum alrogithm
 na> (S=1+2+3...+N), and a Towers of Hanoi alrorithm.  The algorithms work
 na> great, but I am having difficulties finding these return values for
 na> very  large N.  unsigned long values work great up to a point, and it
 na> doesnt  seem to make much sense to store integers as floating point
 na> type (float  or double).  What data type should I be using for the
 na> return values? also, I am writing these programs for MS-DOS, is there
 na> some way  to check before hand if recursive F(N) will overflow the
 na> stack before  executing F(N)?   reply here or email, thx..
 You could compare any of the numbers to MAXINT or MAXLONG and take
 appropriate action if the number exceeds these values.

 Trevor D'Arcy-Evans

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Mon, 13 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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