Algorithm for "bit copy" function 
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 Algorithm for "bit copy" function

I need to write a function with roughly the following behavior:

void    bitcpy( void *target, int tbit1, void *source, int sbit1,
        int nbits )

If you think of the void ptrs as unsigned char ptrs, then the
behavior is as follows.  Bitcpy copies nbits from source to
target, starting with the sbit1-th bit from source to the tbit1-th
bit of target.

Bit indexes are meant as offsets, in the most natural manner, i.e.,
if source and target are unsigned char ptrs, then bit 8 of source[0]
is the same as bit 0 of source[1], etc.

I did a little pencil-and-paper work, playing with >> and << and &=
operators, trying to move and mask the bit string from source into
target.  But the logic necessary to handle arbitrary situations
got complicated, at least for the straightforward procedure I was
trying to implement.

While doing this pencil-and-paper work, I seemed to recall seeing
a suitable algorithm somewhere or other (I immediately pulled out
Knuth, but couldn't find it there).  Can anyone suggest a reference
for this problem?  Or, equally good, an algorithm that accomplishes
the functionality in a (hopefully) simple and elegant manner.


Tue, 24 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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