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My name is Patrick Schugg,

I while ago I wrote to you about a SysOp position on The Entropist BBS,
heading a Programming conference.

Unfortunately, as with the other person who replied, you are OVER
qualified to do what I ask.  My BBS is the first of it's kind in my
location, Westfield, NJ, and it is not yet a large board.  You asked
about TELNET, I believe it was, other than local conferences and file
areas we have nothing, I am hoping to make this into a HUGE success,
however this is the beginning and we are starting out small.

If you are still interested, give me a call on Sept. 7, I will be right
next to the monitor, so page me, the number is (908)-232-7060, if you
would still like to help out, I would be greately appreciative.

Pat Schugg

Fri, 21 Feb 1997 05:53:11 GMT  
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