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TEAM Technologies

    Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA
      Our growing technical consulting, systems integration and
    support organization is looking for skilled professionals.
    We seek talented people who are looking for a challenging
    and rewarding career position. We are currently interviewing
    for the following positions:

 Programmer (2 positions) - Located in Waterloo, IA office.
Experience with C,
C++, and Visual Basic required.  Four-year degree in related field and
years experience preferred.  

SQL Database Designer/Administrator - Located in Waterloo, IA office.
C++, and Oracle experience required

    If you have solid experience and/or training in these areas,
    we want to learn more about you. We offer an enjoyable working
    environment, technical training and advancement using the
    latest technology, a long-term career opportunity, and
    excellent salary and benefits.

    Send resume to: TEAM Technologies, ATTN.: HR-Database, 602
    Ansborough Ave, Waterloo, IA 50701. E-mail:

Sun, 18 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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