Wanted: Think C image analysis code/help 
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 Wanted: Think C image analysis code/help
I'm trying to program some image analysis/pattern recognition algorithms in
Think C (5.0) on a Mac IIfx.  I originally wrote them in MCL so they're not
too portable. I'd like to concentrate on just the pattern recognition
algorithms and avoid writing all the I/O and image display functions so I'm
hoping someone out there has some code (or suggestions) for inputing and
displaying images (the images I work with are just arrays of numbers stored
in ascii or binary formats).  Any other code or suggestions on standard
image analysis functions (rotating, histograms, smoothing, edge detectors ...)
and palette manipulation would also be welcome.

Jeff Banfield
Department of Math Science
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT.  59717
(406) 994-5367

Wed, 22 Jun 1994 07:01:24 GMT  
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