need help with fread BIG probs 
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 need help with fread BIG probs

>i have to read an opened file in pure ANSI C (with fread)
>But the data of the file that i must read is unsigned char, and it
>contains ALL bytes ... from 0 to 255
>so, when i read, it stops because a eof is in the file (of course, coz
>all the bytes can be located in the file in all positions)
>But i need to continue reading, until the end of the file (physical end).
>How can i do that?

You don't specify the operating system.  I'm guessing that it is MSDOS,
where ASCII 26 decimal (CTRL-Z) means EOF.
If so, try opening the file with the mode "rb", where the 'b' part means
'binary', i.e., ignore special meanings of bytes.

Tue, 03 Sep 1996 13:02:21 GMT  
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