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On Sat, 19 Jul 1997 16:05:20 +0100, Kirk Potter
[>This will probably annoy a lot of people who post to this group but I
[>have a particular point to make about the content of some postings in
[>this group.
[>Certain people post requests a long the lines of :
[>"I am trying to write a Spreadsheet program, does anyone have any sample
[>code that I could have..." etc.
[>I would hazard a guess that most of these people haven't even got as far
[>as placing a control on a form before making such a posting. My opinion
[>is that you at least _attempt_ to create the application yourself, it is
[>much more rewarding and at least you will have an understanding of the
[>code and VB in general. If you merely copy code you will not learn

------- I would agree with that... in other newsgroups for beginner /
educational languages there are many questions like that. I just say
I won't be doing your homework, here is how this works, and may even
give some pseudo-code in moments of weakness.

I've been guilty of such posts a couple of times... and since I don't
really like to use other people's code and am quite good at coding, I
almost immediately found a solution to my problem with a bit of poking

Questions like: 'can I do 'a' in vb?' or 'will this cause a core
dump?' are very annoying. At least try it yourself first! You can show
that you've been trying to solve a problem when you ask: 'can I do 'a'
in vb? i've looked at the faq, tried x, y and z with no success. any
other suggestions anyone?' That is something I will actually finish
reading and try to answer.

And, yes, arriving at a solution independantly is a very nice
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