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 RFD: comp.cs.undergrad

R E Q U E S T   F O R   D I S C U S S I O N

This is a request for discussion on the creation of a newsgroup
for worldwide Computer Science Undergraduates.

Group Name


The group will be for the use of Undergraduate Computer Science Students.

While such groups exist locally, so far there is no single group linking
CS students around the world.  This group is proposed to be included in
the comp hierarchy of newsgroups in order to ensure that most universities
will receive it.

It is intended mainly for the discussion of technical issues in an informal,
undergraduate manner, as opposed to many other "comp.*" groups, where the
discussion is often far too obscure, and assumes more practical knowledge
and experience than it is possible for an undergraduate to have obtained.

While the group is intended for mainly undergraduate postings, Postgraduate
and even non-academics will be welcome to post short messages!

The readers of the group should be willing to help other undergraduates,
and any requests for help are hopefully intended to be independent student
projects.  These, while not part of any course-work, are invaluable to a
student as experience needed for careers in the outside world.

Also, the group should be used to exchange hints and knowledge gained by
other undergraduates that may be of interest to the world wide student body.
This will enable a much richer supply of knowledge than can be supplied by
lectures alone.

Therefore, it is hoped that the proposed newsgroup will become an important
source of ideas and information for the next generation of computer science

*       One thing that should not be tolerated is postings of any "..help
        me with  this course work.." or "..can anyone do my PhD for me.."

*       Also not to be tolerated is swapping hints on so-called "cracking".

*       The group should not be used for "home" computing discussion.  
        Computer games are especially frowned upon.  The group is intended
        as a forum for discussion of the more professional and academic
        aspects of computing, albeit at an Undergraduate level.

*       Another possibility is an "comp.cs.undergrad programming competition"
        to be held frequently to stimulate interest in programming.

*       A FAQ list will be created and maintained by the proposers.


Proposed Charter -- COMP.CS.UNDERGRAD

The USENET newsgroup, comp.cs.undergrad, will be a newsgroup for
discussion of the following example topics, but not limited to them:

        _INDEPENDENT_ student projects.

        Computer Languages, and their suitability
                for certain tasks.

        Getting to grips with more obscure elements
                of Operating Systems.

        Sources for student written programs


        Alternative and original ideas about computing.

        Ethical issues.

        Computer law, especially the effect of copyright
                and patent law on students' work.

        Programming Competitions.

        Both serious and light-hearted discussion of
                current events in the computing world,
                from an Undergraduate perspective.      

Comments on this proposed new newsgroup should be posted to the USENET
newsgroup news.groups.  If the reader is not able to do so, comments may
be e-mailed to any of the proposers, at the addresses below, and we will
post them.

If no problems arise, voting will start one month from the posting date
of this RFD.

The proposers, all currently untertaking Computer Science Degrees themselves
at Edinburgh University, are as follows:

This RFD was neither proposed nor approved by Edinburgh University.  All
Discussion should take place on "news.groups", or should be mailed to the
proposers at the above addresses.

Mon, 10 Jul 1995 03:23:16 GMT  
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