BIN HEX DEC conversions...HELP!!!! 
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 BIN HEX DEC conversions...HELP!!!!

i need to quickly calculate between binary hex and decimal...subtraction
and addition...and do 2's complement's....i've read about it books...but
i need tips on doing it quickly in my head or on paper...
can someone help?


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Sat, 15 Mar 1997 11:02:19 GMT  
 BIN HEX DEC conversions...HELP!!!!
I am currently trying to write a slightly memory demanding program on our
universities Borland C compiler. The thing I want to know is: is it
possible to write a program in Borland C to run in protected mode, to
utilise all it's memory. I haven't found of a way of doing this and our
library doesn't have the manuals.

My solution was to first write the program in the Borland C environment
and then compile using the gcc IBMPC port, DJGPP. This does allow me to
run the program in protected mode but is a very long winded process (ie
recompiling, debuging.....).

I would be gratefull to know if this could be done in Borland's IDE
environment instead of using two compilers. I would appreciate any help
and thank you all for your time.


Wed, 19 Mar 1997 21:16:39 GMT  
 BIN HEX DEC conversions...HELP!!!!
   Consider using one of the DOS extender libraries contained in DXLIB41.ZIP
located at in pubs\msdos\c.

Wed, 26 Mar 1997 13:43:53 GMT  
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