\"C\" vs ADA 
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 \"C\" vs ADA

>>This says more about the relative investment in the compilers than about
>>the languages. DEC has a history of being unenthusiastic about C; it shows.

Quite frankly, DEC puts in 100% when it comes to implementing languages
period. In many instances their 'C' compiler generates tighter and more
compact code than do most 'C' compilers on UNIX systems (SUN for example).
A while ago, I benchmarked 'C' kermit and Macro Kermit on a VAX 11/780.
'C' Kermit outperformed Macro Kermit! I find this impressive.

I have never used DEC's ADA, but given their track record for producing
highly efficient 'C', Pascal, and fortran compilers little doubt persists
that they've done it again with ADA.

If the DEC's pricing for ADA has anything do with their relative investment,
you can bet it's worth every penny. But don't for an instance believe that
if a language doesn't carry a hefty price tag, its implementors (DEC) didn't
invest their best in it.

Sun, 17 Jan 1993 01:26:00 GMT  
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