FS Programming Books - Graphics, Serial, Video, C, C++, Data Structures 
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 FS Programming Books - Graphics, Serial, Video, C, C++, Data Structures

I have some programming books that I don't use anymore.  
I figured that maybe someone on this group might be able to get
some use out of them.  


Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats (with CD) O'Reilly!
Murry & Vanryper

Practical Digital Video with Programming Examples in C (Disk Missing)
Phillip E. Mattison

fortran 77 for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd Edition
Larry Nyhoff & Sanford Leestma

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
Mark Allen Weiss

Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs
Ravi Sethi

C++ Techniques & Applications
Scott Robert Ladd

Developing for the Internet with Winsock (with CD)
Dave Roberts

Zen of Graphics Programming (with disk)
Michael Abrash

Graphics Programming in C
Roger T. Stevens

Serial Communications: A C++ Developers Guide (Disk Missing)
Mark Nelson

To make it easy, $10 per book, plus shipping to wherever you live.  


James Edwards

Sat, 30 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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