Looking for good textbook for CS course 
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 Looking for good textbook for CS course

I will be the TA for our "Advanced Prgramming" course here at Earlham next
term (which is pretty closely modeled on the ACM/IEEE's CS2).  Y'know,
the one where you introduce students to the concepts of memory managment,
data structures, big-O notation, search/sort algorithms, etc.

Anyway, I am currently working with the professor of the class to pick a
new textbook (we are currently using _Data Structures & Program Design in
C_, by Kruse, Leung, & Tondo).

The course will be taught using C, not Pascal and we will be using K&R as
the language reference.  What we need, therefore, is a textbook that can
effectively convey the concepts involved.

We are already considering _The New Turing Omnibus_ (can't remember the
author offhand) and Aho, Ashcroft, & Ullman's _Foundations of Computer

Do any of you out there have suggestions for what we should use?  And
why?  I'm leaning toward _Foundations_ because it is an excellent book
that is useful forever.  I understand that the same is true for NTO, but I
haven't read the book yet.


-- John
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