>>San Jose,CA Big C/DSP programmers needed for start-up 
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 >>San Jose,CA Big C/DSP programmers needed for start-up

ArrayComm, a rapidly growing company in San Jose California, is developing
base station technology for wireless communication systems based on
state-of-the-art signal processing techniques.  In particular, we build
boards packed with DSPs that process signals from arrays of antennas to
improve the performance of cellular telephone systems.

We are looking for strong C programmers and assembly level DSP
programmers who enjoy working with a superb team of engineers.  If you
have experience with real-time embedded systems programming in C and
perhaps a little assembly language especially on Motorola 56xxx DSPs,
experience with UNIX workstations, and an interest in bringing up new
hardware, we have the job opportunity for you.

Successful SOFTWARE ENGINEERING candidates will have substantial
experience in one or more of the following areas:

  VxWorks or other real-time embedded systems programming
  DSP programming (Motorola 563xx or 560xx)
  communications protocol programming
  scientific/numeric programming
  hands-on experience with basic test equipment such as oscilloscopes
    and logic analyzers

Also one or more of the following would be big pluses:

  extensive C/Unix experience
  signal processing and numerical analysis background
  digital circuitry and/or communications system background
  an advanced degree

postscript), by fax to (408) 428-9083, or by mail to: Human Resources
Department, ArrayComm, Inc., 3141 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA  95134.  A
skills test may be required.  

ArrayComm is an equal opportunity employer, and seeks to promote diversity
in the workplace.

Principals Only, Please.

Wed, 09 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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