MORE Practice Programming Projects: a listing 
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 MORE Practice Programming Projects: a listing

Well, I must say that the response that I got for practic C
programming prrojects has been very good. Therefore, I am posting
the second set of responses.

Stephen: an automated teller machine: keep accounts and balances.
         Let the user grant funds, query balances, make deposits,
         transfer funds, etc.

Mike: a series of mathematical functions such as sine, cosine,
      exponential, square root, etc to get some insight on C
      floating point precision.

Robert: a series of unix commands: cat, more, head (-n), tail (-n),
        mv, ls (-adltr), rm (-d), rd.

Thanks again, everyone! Type at you later...


void sig_file(void);

Sun, 10 Dec 1995 23:37:45 GMT  
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