Help on string pattern matching? 
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 Help on string pattern matching?


I have a very simple C question! I would like to process the command-line
argument (one of them) as user-specified file pattern. I would like to
match the supplied pattern against all files either in the CWD or in the
specified directory. Once I have all the matching files, I would like to
go on other processing.

For example, user can give the file pattern as
        *, xyz, *yz, zy*, *.*, xyz.*, *yz.*, xy*.*, *.a, xyz.a, *yz.a, or
and I would like to get all the matching files in the directory. This I want
to do both on UNIX and DOS platforms. In other words,  ANSI C is preferable.

Please send me email if you know an easy way of doing this. Thanks in advance.

- Ramanand Singh
  Science Applications Int'l Corp
  P.O. Box 18288, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Mon, 13 Nov 1995 19:26:27 GMT  
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