pointer to pointer to int 
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 pointer to pointer to int

Hi.  I'm trying to emulate a very basic CPU scheduler for an OS class
and I keep getting a core dump with my code.  It compiles fine, but I
can't run it.  Here is what I am doing (sorta'):

struct PCB {
        int *programCounter;
        void *localvars;
        void (*proc)(void);

} proctable[MAX_PROC];

int *pc;        // global
void *lv;       //global
void badproc(void);

int main(void)
        int count = 100;
        int curprocess;
        PCB *pp = new PCB;
        while (count > 0) {
                curprocess = rand()%MAX_PROCS;
                *pp = proctable[curprocess];
                pp->programCounter = 0;
                pc = pp->programCounter;
        // more code
                pp->proc = badproc;
return 0;


void badproc(void)
switch(*pc) {
        case 0: statement1;     *pc++;  break;
        case 1: statement2;     *pc++;  break;


Anyway, the problem seems to be with the *pc variable, but I can't
pinpoint where.  Does anyone have any ideas about how I might be
able to execute this code?


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Tue, 11 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 pointer to pointer to int
You'd get a better response if you ask in a group appropriate to the
programming language.  This obviously isn't C, and doesn't belong in
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