Help with Watcom debugger 
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 Help with Watcom debugger

Any Watcom (C 10.0a DOS) programmers out there having success
using the de{*filter*}?  It's confusing me.  First, the help button
wants a file "wd.ihp" which is not on my hard disk.  Is it on yours?

Second, how do you simply tell it to run and stop at a particular point?
Setting a break-point seems to be easy (just click in the box preceding
the line), but then all the run buttons I try return "Task Completed" in
the window at the bottom.  At this point the source listing has gone
away, and I don't know what has been executed.

Thanks for any tips,
Kevin Weinrich

Tue, 20 May 1997 01:14:38 GMT  
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