help...writing "special" format program... 
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 help...writing "special" format program...

hi Every1,
i hope that maybe here i'll find the answer...
well, i'm trying to develop a "special" format program ,
something like SMAX or FDFORMAT (FDMAX) for DOS , (remember ? great
programs !!)

so i did the "basic" format , and it went great (even write the
BOOT,FAT,Root perfectly !!) but , when i tells the computer to format
1.44 disk with 19 sectors, or with 81 tracks - the format returns "no
errors" but each read/write returns an error (error 4 : Sectors Not
Found) .

i'm using INT 0x13 , Borland C , under DOS - no windows at all
(actually it's  the DOS from "Windows Millenuim Emeregency disk" but i
think it doesn't matter)

* my first question is : how can i format more than 80tracks 18sectors
? (just like FDFORMAT...)
* my second question is - do you know where i can find any source code
for doing this ? (maybe the source for FDFORMAT/SMAX/....)

Zvika F.

Tue, 23 Nov 2004 18:30:56 GMT  
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