Accessing a dialog off another application 
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 Accessing a dialog off another application


I want to send a textstring from my application to a dialog of another
application. I started the other application from within my application,
so I do have the window handle for the application. I have sent a
key-stroke command to the application to open a dialog. But then I can't
get the handle of that dialog. I think I need the handle of that dialog,
if I want to send a textstring or key-stroke to that dialog.
(The other application is not written by me, so I don't have the source

Q: How do I get the handle of that dialog ?
Q2: Can I use the resourceIDs of that dialog to send the text? (Of
course I can only do that if I have that dialog handle!)

I hope someone knows to solve this problem. Any remarks are welcome.

Mike :(

Tue, 04 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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