help already.. 
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 help already..

first I hope this is going to you sysop..I had no idea what [newsgroup
comp.lang.c.] means, but it didn't ask for a search string, so I figured
it's going directly to someone. If you're not the sysop, then could you
please inform him (heaven knows I can't if this doesn't work) that spirit
is lost and has no idea how to  post to him direct.

If this is the sysop, well then, at least I did something right and this
is what I wanted to talk about..

What is it to be validated...and why aren't I? are there requirments that
I don't know about?

and what is cookie? and some of the other stuff, I never want to try 'em
in case I end of floating aimlessly through your system 'till it boots me
for using up my time..( I promise..once I get going in a new system, I'm's getiing going that I latch onto my new sysop (some have said
----here's another one..why can't I back up a line and delete...I can
only go back to the end of one line, but everything before that is
permanent..why is that?  I know some of these questions might be
simplistic, but really, I can sometimes get the most complex crud, and
still have trouble with the basics. anyway, the faster I understand how
it works, the faster I'll be able to apply the knowledge..lThanks for
your help..Julie

The Inquiring Mind BBS, Winnipeg, Manitoba  204 668-8845

Sat, 22 Feb 1997 11:58:31 GMT  
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