ANSI C compilers that produce OMF 
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 ANSI C compilers that produce OMF

Is Intel the only company that produces C  compilers that generate
their OMF?  Specifically (for now) I'm looking for ANSI C 286 compilers
that support the large memory model and OMF object format.  The compiler
itself would optimally be hosted on a Unix SVR3.2 or SVR4 platform.
My target operating system is RMX II.

Also required is support for fortran-style parameter passing, so that
the object code can be mixed into OMF LIB286 libraries and built into
an RMX II target, possibly combined with PLM286 and FTN286 supplied
by Intel.

Through Intel, the only way I see I can do this is to buy their
D86C286NL product, which is DOS-based, and run it under an emulator.
I'd rather not run under an emulator, since a native compiler would
probably be zillions times faster.

Please reply via email.  If requested, I'll post a summary.
Randy Kunkee
Ferranti International Controls Corporation
12808 W. Airport Blvd.  Sugar Land, TX 77478
UUCP: uupsi!ficc!kunkee       ph: (713) 274-5132

Mon, 29 Aug 1994 07:45:29 GMT  
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