HELP -> dynamic char** arrays (inside a dynamic struct**) 
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 HELP -> dynamic char** arrays (inside a dynamic struct**)

Hi, I have an array of pointers to structures:

mstruct **data;

data = (mstruct**) malloc(arraysize * sizeof(mstruct*)

the above works fine, I use realloc when needed etc.

Inside this structure, (mstruct) I have an array of strings,  I would like to
make this array bigger each time a while loop loops. The string is declared:

char **cars;

My function that has the structure passed to it is as follows:

int counter=0;

        data->cars[i] = read_in_my_data();

My question is how do I allocate memory for this array?

cars = (char**) malloc(arraysize * sizeof(char*))

Is this correct?  Do I then have to allocate memory for each pointer?

cars[i] = (char*) malloc(80)

When I'm done, what do I have to free?  Now I just free my structure:


Do I have to free my pointer to an array of pointers to chars?

Thanx very much in advance.

(Please reply via e-mail if possible)

BTW I have a small program, that creates an array, char **array, and uses it
etc, but when I implement this in my program, my strings go haywire.  Maybe it
is because it is inside the structure.


Alex Black

Tue, 01 Jul 1997 23:21:34 GMT  
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