Fast array transfer with 2D arrays...? 
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 Fast array transfer with 2D arrays...?

         Would anyone know how to do a fast array transfer with
a 2D array?  I have seen this in an advance c programming book
by Anderson & Anderson, but I cannot remember the details of the
construct that was given.  They used a 1D array in the book, I
think.  Thanks in advance to all that reply to this post.


Note:  What I mean by a fast array transfer
       for those who are unclear to what I
       am talking about:

       int main(void)
         int a[5] = {1,2,3,4,5};
         int b[5];

         /* Then some code to copy the contents */
         /* of array a into b. */

         b = a;  /* I think this would work with Pascal, */
                 /* but this doesn't work for C. */
         return 0;

        I hope that this makes it clear.

Sat, 25 Mar 1995 09:07:22 GMT  
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