BC 3.0 <dos.h>,<io.h> problems 
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 BC 3.0 <dos.h>,<io.h> problems

Ok, let me keep this short and sweet to avoid cluttering the net.

I wrote a program that needs to change attributes on files and
also to unlink them if the user wants to. Now here's the problem:
it compiles, links fine. In fact everything is perfect except for
the fact that the routines chmod()/ _dos_setattr()/ remove()/
or even unlink() don't do what they are supposed to -- to change
a particular file's DOS attributes and then to remove it. ???

Anybody with experience with this or anybody at all who can tell
me why these routines don't work will be saving me even more time
perusing the extensive help provided with Borland C. Thanks in


Mon, 11 Mar 1996 05:55:43 GMT  
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