Hmmm... I wonder! 
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 Hmmm... I wonder!

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My name is Patrick Schugg,

I apologize for not replying to your letter timely, but I did not have
access to my mail (...I won't explain!)  I am very glad you replied,  I
feared maybe no one would.

You are quite OVER qualified for what I asked.  My location, Westfield,
NJ will NOT attract a large amount of computer programmers, if it does,
those people will be most likely out of state.  It is the first board of
it's kind around here, and most of the languages you have knowledge of
will not be in excessive demand.

I would still love to have you.  If you can make the call, I have no
idea where you are calling from, and would like to continue working with
me on the board, you are MORE than welcome.

We Open Sept. 7 , the number is (908)-232-7060, call me, I should be
right at the monitor watching, and let me know, if not, thank you, and I
am sorry.

Pat Schugg

Fri, 21 Feb 1997 05:49:11 GMT  
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