PRINTER API under NT4 & VC5 
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 PRINTER API under NT4 & VC5

> I am an Intern at Qualcomm and I have been tasked with
creating a
> program
> that will suck all the printer information off a machine
running NT4.0
> Server.  Then the program going to take the (ascii)text file
> by
> the first half and use that information to populate another
> with
> the same information.


Hi Patrick,

These functions are not part of standard C and are off topic for
comp.lang.c.  What you are trying to do is Windows NT operating
specific, and should be posted to a newsgroup pertaining to that
OS, perhaps one dealing in device drivers, which are very
different from application programs on that system.

Also, comments beginning with "//" are not standard C, even
though many compilers accept them.


Jack Klein

All views expressed in this message are mine,
and not necessarily that of my company or any
of our clients.

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Tue, 29 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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