typedef enum as subset of another enum 
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 typedef enum as subset of another enum


>>Excuse me if I am being an ignoramus but...

>>I want to create two enumerated types, one being a subset of the
>>other, something like this:

>>typedef enum { a, b, c, d, e } Set;  /* This defines the full set */
>>typedef enum { b, c, d } SubSet;     /* This is a subset of above */

>>I wasn't too surprised when my compiler choked on this. Is there a
>>way to do this in C? I have checked a few books and I haven't seen
>>anything that hints at a way to do it. Thanks in advance.

>My understanding of enumerated types is that (using your example) the a would
>be psuedo-#defined to 0, the 'b' to 1, 'c' to 2 and so on.  If your subset had
>it's vars in the same position as the set... it would work!!  As in:

>typedef enum { b, c, d, a, e } Set;  /* This defines the full set */
>typedef enum { b, c, d } SubSet;     /* This is a subset of above */

        No, this would not work. Check out K&R (pp 39). Names at different
        enumeration should be distinct. Please do not take something for
        granted just because enumerations are quite similar to #define's.

        As to the original posting, do you have absolute necessity to use
        the same names in different enumerations at all? I am not aware of
        any tricks to do this. I probably would get rid of enumerations and
        use macros instead. Again, I am not an authority on this matter.


>I have no idea if lint would print nasties about this I never use it :-)  But if
>i ever defined an enumerated data type like the above, I most certainly would
>doc the thing as ordered for a purpose.

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