C as First Language for CS 
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 C as First Language for CS

An ongoing survey in the comp.edu newsgroup has
uncovered six or seven different languages used
in the first course for Computer Science majors.

Not one of the few dozen respondents has listed


as the first language.

If you know of exceptions, where C IS actually
used in the first course for CS majors, would
you please send me an e-mail note?

Thank you,


Sun, 04 Oct 1992 20:50:23 GMT  
 C as First Language for CS
I think that if you check ANDREWS UNIVERSITY, US 31-33, Berrien Springs, MI
49103, they are teaching C as their CS Majors first language...

(I'm a Comp/Info Science Major from their myself, but I can't remember which
was first for me.)

A.U. is a Seventh-Day Adventist owned and operated University, with undergrad,
grad, and post-graduate courses...

Tue, 13 Oct 1992 11:03:36 GMT  
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