Q. Syntax of const 2D array cast (FAQ 5.7) 
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 Q. Syntax of const 2D array cast (FAQ 5.7)

static void g( const float a[][2] ) { } /* Intent: treat 'a' as read-only. */
int main( void )
  static float b[3][2];
  g( b ); /* Problem here: Incompatible pointer type assignment. */
  return 0;


Question: I understand from the FAQ (5.7) that:
  (1) The problem on line 5 above is due to an incomplete ANSI specification
      (const is not recursive like in C++) and
  (2) The solution is to use a cast but...

What _exactly_ is the proper syntax to achieve this _in the above example_?

I've tried various things, including typedefs, to no avail - I'm still stumped!
Can someone PLEASE modify the above code to include the correct cast syntax
and post and e-mail me the solution?




Mon, 24 Feb 1997 04:54:03 GMT  
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