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 Turbo C/C++ Graphics Demo

You already have one.  look for a file called BGIDEMO.C. COmpile it and run
it.  Oh ya, It requires EGA or better graphics to run.  You should find it
in the directory that contains your graphics library files.
Tom Swenson

Sat, 18 Jun 1994 08:12:39 GMT  
 Turbo C/C++ Graphics Demo
Hi Folks

in our project we are looking for a dynamic linker for C procedures.
It must run on SUN Sparc stations and DEC Mips stations.

Any pointers known?



Sat, 18 Jun 1994 16:49:52 GMT  
 Turbo C/C++ Graphics Demo

>Hi Folks

>in our project we are looking for a dynamic linker for C procedures.
>It must run on SUN Sparc stations and DEC Mips stations.

>Any pointers known?


> Guido

See    Software Practice and Experience, V.21 No. 4, April 1991,
       "Genuine Dynamic Linking", W.Wilson Ho and Ronald A.Olsson
Summary  This paper describes a new approach to dynamic link/unlink editing.
The basis of this approach is a library of link editing functions that
can add compiled object code to _or_remove_ such code from a process any time
during its execution.  Loading modules, searching libraries, resolving
external references, and allocating storage for global and static data
structures are all performed at run time.  This approach provides the
efficiency of native machine code execution along with the flexibility
to modify a program during its execution, thereby making many new
applications possible.  This paper also describes three sample
applications of these dynamic link editing functions:  program
customization, incremental program development, and support for
debugging and testing.  A prototype of this approach is implemented
under UNIX as a library package called _dld_ for the C programming
language and is available for VAX, Sun 3 and SPARCstation machines.

_Dld_ can be obtained free of charge from the authors (by electronic

(In general, search the literature.)

Have fun.
Leslie J. Somos

Sat, 25 Jun 1994 06:33:03 GMT  
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