long array passed to DLL?? 
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 long array passed to DLL??


I am writing a DLL, under windows 3.1, using Borland C++ 3.1
for windows compiling using the large memory model.
This is my first time (at writing a DLL) so forgive any obvious stupidity.
The DLL is called by an application (idl - Interactive Data Language)
which passes a very long array of bytes to the DLL by reference (2621444
The problem I have is that the DLL can write to the first 32767 bytes
of the array, but as soon as it writes the 32768'th byte, the application
(idl) reads the whole array as being full of zeroes. Yes, the array is
indexed using a long int in the DLL, and not an int.

In the DLL the array is declared as:

  char far * Array;

and it is writen to, at least the first 32767 bytes, using simple pointer

  *(Array + i) = myvalue;

where, as I said, i works from 0 to 32766, but not above - 32766 'cos I start
from 0.


Fri, 21 Feb 1997 16:29:51 GMT  
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