Attention "C"/"C++" gurus and "C" newbees 
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 Attention "C"/"C++" gurus and "C" newbees

Every databases in the world are written using "C". May be this info
will be very useful for the "C" gurus ( who may want to contribute) or
to "C" newbies who want to learn how the gurus write "C" code.
The most sophisticated and most complex "C" program is the database
package. Ofcourse, computers are invented primarily for the databases!!
check this out :-

What is it?
PostgreSQL Version 6.1.1 RDBMS database ANSI SQL 92 compliant -
a free database, complete source code is given
to you and is a Relational Database System compliant with ANSI SQL92
and SQL89 and runs on diverse hardware platforms and Operating
systems. Millions of PostgreSQL is installed as data servers, data
center servers, Web databases, WWW http database servers and
application servers.

PostgreSQL is the ONLY FREE database in the world which supports ANSI
SQL standards like SQL92, SQL89, ISO SQL. It is much more advanced and
is a object oriented relational database. PostgreSQL can store more

types than traditional datatypes like integer, characters,etc. - it
can store object datatypes like classes (Version 7.0 will make this
capabilities more advanced).

PostgreSQL runs on Solaris, SunOS, HPUX, AIX, Linux, Irix, and
each & every flavor of unix. Port to Windows 95/NT is underway.

In america PostgreSQL is also called
as 'pgsql' (pro-nounced as "pee-gee-sequel").

How can I trust it?
Regression test package is included in the distribution and let your
computer do the verfication for you to check if all the ANSI SQL 92
/ISO SQL commands run as per technical specifications.

What is its Description?
  Title:             PostgreSQL ANSI SQL92/ANSI SQL89 RDBMS Database
                     (Relational Database Management System)
  Version:           6.1.1
  Date of Release :  22 July 1997
  Age:               PostgreSQL is 12 years old. Developed since 1985
  Description:       Powerful RDBMS database like Oracle, Sybase,

  Authors:           Developed by millions/universities/companies on
                     internet for the past 12 YEARS

  Primary WWW:       http://www.*-*-*.com/
  Secondary WWW:     http://www.*-*-*.com/
                      http://www.*-*-*.com/ :8000/postgres95/

  "Binaries only" distribution of PostgreSQL : You can run PostgreSQL

                compiling the source. Get binaries for Intel-Linux from


  Primary FTP:
  Secondary ftp:

  A Variant of PostgreSQL is Commercialised:
                     PostgreSQL (variant) is commercialised & sold by
                     Illustra Inc (Illustra was bought over by
                     Informix Inc.)

What can it do for me?
  GUI FrontEnd Tool for PostgreSQL :
                     PostgreSQL has TCL/TK library in distribution.
                     TCL/TK is a Rapid Application Development tool,

                     powerful than Microsoft Visual Basic. Develop once
                     and run it everywhere on NT, Win 95, Linux, all

                     To get TCL/TK -

  ODBC Drivers for PostgreSQL :
                      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~bjepson/freeODBC/

  UDBC Drivers for PostgreSQL: UDBC is a static version of ODBC
                     independent of driver managers and DLL support,
                     used to embed database connectivity support
                     directly into applications.

  JDBC Drivers supported : Sun's Java connectivity to PostgreSQL

  Java RAD Tool for PostgreSQL: Java Rapid Application Tool for
                      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~whaley/kj/kanch.html

  Java Classes for PostgreSQL :

  Perl 5 interface for PostgreSQL : It included in the distribution of
                PostgreSQL. Check in src/pgsql_perl5 directory.

                Perl Home page : http://www.*-*-*.com/

  Windows Interactive Query Tool for PostgreSQL (WISQL):

                        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~keidav/index.html
                      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~de/tcl_syb/wisql.html

                     Identical to Microsoft SQL server WISQL!

  Interactive Query Tool - ISQL (Character command line terminals):
                     Included in the distribution, called PSQL. Very
                     similar to Sybase ISQL, Oracle SQLplus.

  PostgreSQL 4GL for web database applications:
                      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~whaley/ag/appgen.html

  Web Database Design/Implementation tool for PostgreSQL:

  WWW Web interface for PostgresSQL:

  Apache Webserver Module for PostgreSQL:

  PHP/FI Server-side html-embedded scripting language for PostgreSQL
                     (WWW Interface Tool):

  python Interface for PostgreSQL : PyGres95 is a python interface
        for the PostgreSQL. It is available from

  Wdb-p95 Gateway between PostgreSQL and the WWW: It is at
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~dunlop/wdb-p95/

  "C" language Interface for PostgreSQL: Included in distribution
                     'libpq'. Similar to Oracle OCI, Sybase DB-lib,
                      Informix CLI libraries.

  "C++" language Interface for PostgreSQL: Included in distribution

  PostgreSQL ESQL/C (Embedded C Pre-compiler) like Oracle Pro*C,
                     Informix ESQL/C:

  Japanese Kanji Code with PostgreSQL: It is at the following site

  Tested Platforms:  Linux, MkLinux, Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, AIX,
                     Digital Unix, NetBSD, FreeBSD, BSDi, Irix,
                     NEXTSTEP, SCO, Unixware, etc
                     All flavors of unix.
                     Use gcc, gmake for Win NT/95 to compile on win32,
                     GNU gcc is available for win32. Check this site -
                     Go here and get the file cdk.exe (self-extractor)
        (OR)    You can buy Softway Open NT-UNIX for NT and gcc from
                and compile the source code.

  Mailing Lists: See the Mailing Lists Item on the main web page.
        Email questions to:

        To subscribe or unsubscribe from the list, send mail to

        The body of the message should contain the single line

 Documentations: Included in the distribution is the 'User Guide'
                 for PostgreSQL, 'Implementation Guide' detailing
                 database internals of PostgreSQL, online manuals,
                 online manuals in HTML formats. Also manuals in
                 postscript format for printing hard copies.

 Reference docs: Useful reference textbooks : "Understanding the New
        SQL: A Complete Guide" - by Jim Melton and Alan R.Simon
        Morgan Kaufman Publisher is one of best SQL books. Hundreds of
        other titles on SQL are available! Check out a bookstore.

 Technical support for PostgreSQL : You can purchase technical support
        from the following companies/corporations -

 Free Unix:     Get a free Linux OS - a quality solution from operating
                system to database to front-end gui application -
                Check out these sites:

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