Pb with passing a function as parameter 
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 Pb with passing a function as parameter

Hi ,

I wrote a function:

void funcs1(float a, float b[], float c [],int d);

and I would like to pass it to another function:

void funcs2(float x[], float y[], float sig[],
        void (*funcs1)(float, float [], float [], int), float e);

in my main routine I wrote :
void (*fun)(float, float*, float*,float *, int)= funcs1;

but I don't know how to pass funcs1 to funcs2 with the correct

I tried to call funcs2 this way:
funcs2(a, b,c,(*funcs1)(i,j,k,l),e);

after declaring :
float a, i, e;
float *b, *c, *j, *k;
int d;

but this is not working;

Thanks for helping
/*                Philippe Gerard                      */


Fri, 08 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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