file sharing under DOS (share not necessarily loaded) 
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 file sharing under DOS (share not necessarily loaded)


   I have to implement a general purpose moule for file locking uder
dos. I cannot safely assume that share is loaded as we do have
some users who tinker around with their autoexec.bat and thus
 donot load share.
   I have successfully implemented a sceheme for VAX/VMS (not using the
lock manager) now I would like to do something like this
for dos but there are problems. The basic problem is say that a user
has three windows open and the same program is running, which accesses
the same dataf file. Two processes request reads and they are successful
that's what I want so it is ok. But the third process comes
in and requests a read operation. Initially I thought that it would
be denied the permission to access the file that is open() would
return a -1 but it doesn't it successfully returns a file handle. Is there
some way that I can test the file control block or something to see
that whether at a certain time some other process is accessing the
file for either a read or a write.




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Wed, 01 Mar 1995 12:13:00 GMT  
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