C++ SIG:N.Myers,C++ Std Lib;Thurs,Apr 11**see location 
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 C++ SIG:N.Myers,C++ Std Lib;Thurs,Apr 11**see location

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C++ Newsletter                    April 8, 1996
San Francisco Bay Area C++ SIG -
 Bringing you the world leaders in C++
Center for Advanced Technology

NOTE:  Since there were 625 people at our meeting
with Bjarne Stroustrup last month, we ran out of
handouts.  There will be some hard copy of those
handouts available at our April talk.

Marian Corcoran
C++ Chair
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Topic:    The Standard C++ Library            
Date:     Thursday, April 11            
Time:     7 p.m.                        
Location: Theater at Palo Alto H.S.
          (directions below)

Interface Design in the Standard Library:
         the Grand Challenge

The Standard C++ Library has presented many challenges.
As the most-scrutinized of all libraries it must be
exemplary in all respects. As the foundation of most
other libraries it must impose no unnecessary overhead,
nor any policy that precludes some style of programming.
As a part of the language standard it must be usable
wherever the language itself is used. Integrating
support for internationalization, without imposing it
on those not interested, has turned out to require
many interesting interface design techniques that are
equally valuable to any library designer.

This session will use a variety of examples drawn from
the (draft) Standard Library, and its application, to
demonstrate how C++ supports the design of a library
that offers generality without sacrificing efficiency
or convenience.


Nathan Myers has been using C++ since 1986.  Though he
left Rogue Wave Software in January of 1996, he is still
deeply involved in the ISO/ANSI C++ Standard committee
and is a major architect of parts of the C++ library.  
He now takes occasional {*filter*} jobs while writing
his book on library architecture.  He is also a frequent
contributor to the C++ Report.  His URL is:
< http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

Date:  Thursday, April 11,
Time:  7 p.m., Nathan Myer's presentation begins.
Suggested donation:      $5
Associates:  free
No reservations required.
Location:           Theater (north side of campus)
                    Palo Alto H.S.
                    50 Embarcadero Road
                    Palo Alto, CA
Sponsor: Hewlett Packard

Palo Alto H.S.
From Hwy 101:
Exit Hwy 101 at Embarcadero.  Drive west (follow signs for
  Stanford University.)  After about 1.5 miles or so, a
  tall cement center divide will appear.  Go under the
  overpass, past a light, and shortly thereafter you will
  see a small left turn lane (no traffic light) which
  turns into the Palo Alto H.S.  The theater is straight

Alternate from 280:
   From Hwy 280, get off Page Mill/ Arastradero.  Drive east
  on Page Mill, make a left at El Camino, go about a mile.
  The high school is on your right.  

  Note there is a driveway on El Camino about 200 yards
  before the corner of El Camino and Embarcadero.  If
  you are driving north on El Camino, you might want to
  start looking for a driveway just after you pass
  Churchhill Road and then some tennis courts on the
  right.  If you miss that, go to Embarcadero,
  make a right, and another right into the first driveway
  about 100 yards after the corner turn.

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