Recruiter needs email [was Re: C Programmer in Washington DC] 
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 Recruiter needs email [was Re: C Programmer in Washington DC]

Just a short interruption - I generally send email to recruiters who post here
even though it is a pain to do so using the web-based news service provided by
Newsguy.  Some of these people resist my semi-polite requests to bug off, and
this fellow is one of them.  I would be much obliged if those reading this would
send an email to this fellow and express your opinion of his headhunting
practices (politely, of course).  Thanks.


I there were quite a few job postings in this news group and I have received
three resumes of people looking for work.  Are you sure your views are in line
with the users of this group?  I would also be interested in the location of
the right place so I could let people know when there is an opportunity that
might interested them.



> Excuse me - but you have posted this ad in comp.lang.c, which is NOT a
> newsgroup for recruiters - it is a newsgroup for programmers discussing
> the C language.  Please go fishing in a more appropriate place.

> > [Image]
> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------

> > [Image][Image]

> > Title: C Programmer in Washington DC

> > Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 17:24:51 +0100

> > [Image]

> > Contact Information

> > Rich Gardella
> > The Whyte Group, Inc.

> > 301-263-0724 Phone
> > 301-263-0725 Fax
> > 301-510-6463 Pager


> > Position Title:
> > C Programmer

> > [...etc...]

Fri, 20 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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