Looking for C source code "browser" ala "cscope" 
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 Looking for C source code "browser" ala "cscope"

Is there a public-domain equivalent (with source, of course) for something
akin to the wonderful "cscope" utility?  

If you're not familar with "cscope", here is what it does, from its
man page:

     Cscope is an interactive screen-oriented tool that helps you:
         . Learn how a C program works without endless flipping through a
           thick listing.
         . Locate the section of code to change to fix a bug without having
           to learn the entire program.
         . Examine the effect of a proposed change such as adding a value to
           an enum variable.
         . Verify that a change has been made in all source files such as
           adding an argument to an existing function.
         . Rename a global variable in all source files.
         . Change a constant to a preprocessor symbol in selected lines of

      It is designed to answer questions like:
         . Where is this variable used?
         . What is the value of this preprocessor symbol?
         . Where is this function in the source files?
         . What functions call this function?
         . What functions are called by this function?
         . Where does the message "out of space" come from?
         . Where is this source file in the directory structure?
         . What files include this header file?

      Cscope answers these questions from a symbol database that it builds
      the first time it is used on the source files.  On a subsequent call,
      cscope rebuilds the database only if a source file has changed or the
      list of source files is different.  When the database is rebuilt the
      data for the unchanged files is copied from the old database, which
      makes rebuilding much faster than the initial build.

     After the database is ready cscope will display these input fields:

           Find this C symbol:
           Find this global definition:
           Find functions called by this function:
           Find functions calling this function:
           Find this text string:
           Change this grep pattern:
           Find this egrep pattern:
           Find this file:
           Find files #including this file:

     <rest of man page deleted>

I have heard of "gnuscope", but that requires you run emacs, which I
do not want to do...

Any pointers, suggestions, references, ideas, etc. appreciated.


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Wed, 13 Aug 1997 07:38:24 GMT  
 Looking for C source code "browser" ala "cscope"

>Is there a public-domain equivalent (with source, of course) for something
>akin to the wonderful "cscope" utility?  

If you are running OS/2 try getting Alphal.zip available at most OS/2 ftp sites.
It is IBM Employee Written Software(EWS) and is therefore free.

Thu, 14 Aug 1997 05:05:04 GMT  
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