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>  ...
> Should we be talking about ADA instead?  (Don't forget the EE
>  ...

Yes!  Ada is much better than Pascal for data structures (ADTs and halfway
to OOP), and especially for large programs.

> Bengt Gallmo writes:
>Switch to Scheme, or stay with Pascal, but make sure that your students
>know C when they graduate!  You are right in that they should be able
>to pick it up on their own.  They will have to pick up other languages
>in their stride later in life.  How about just requiring them to use C
>in some project in the second half of their education, without giving
>them a regular course first?

OK what do CS departments with a Pascal-style first language actually do?  
     How many teach C?
     teach UNIX?
     teach both?
     require students to pick up both?

This is a serious question: my department is trying to reduce the number
of taught units.  At present we teach Ada in CS1 (two semesters), CS2 and CS3
(one semester each).  We teach C and shell together in semester 3 and follow
with UNIX Systems Programming in semester 4 or 5.  Other later units like
Computer Graphics require C.
Please email responses and I will summarise if enough.
Rob Allen, Computer Science, Swinburne IT, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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