Quick C v2.0 versus Quick C v1.0 
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 Quick C v2.0 versus Quick C v1.0

    I just received an upgrade to Quick C 2.0 and installed it.
On the exterior, the package seems to be a major rework of the Quick C
environment with added utilities.  The on-line help system and support of
all memory models are great.  No run-time library reference comes with the
package though.
    My first impressions cracked when I tried to recompile a program
previously compiled with version 1.0.  The program refused to compile in
the integrated environment due to a Linker error having to do with exceeding
the 64K block limit.  I tried to compile with the debugging stuff and that
worked.  The EXE file, though, is almost twice the size of the old one
compiled under version 1.0.  The program would not run correctly because it
seems that some variables were being overwritten as the program ran.
    Being new to version 2.0, I have no idea what is the source of the
dramatic differences.  Is it because of the incremental linker, the overlay
linker, or just plainly the compiler???
    I sure hope these problems I've encountered have some satisfactory
solution because Quick C 2.0 promises so much for my C programming.

Dzung Hoang


Thu, 17 Dec 1992 04:45:00 GMT  
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