Accessing class member functions from Global Callback 
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 Accessing class member functions from Global Callback

>One common method of dealing with things like this is to make your
>callback function a static member function of the class instead of
>being a global function.  ...

I like a different method - template function objects:
(I hope my syntax is correct here)

class Callback
        virtual int operator() ();

        Callback() {};


template <class T, class ValType> class OneArgCallback:
public Callback
        typedef int (T::*)(ValType) FuncPtr;
        OneArgCallback(T *obj, FuncPtr f, ValType v)
                         :value(v), object(obj), func(f) { };

        virtual int operator() ()
        T *object;
        FuncPtr func;
        ValType value;


And then set objects of this type as the callbacks, rather than

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 Accessing class member functions from Global Callback

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