Binary tree traversal - a complex case - Help! 
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 Binary tree traversal - a complex case - Help!

I have a little problem:

I have a binary tree and the traversal function

traverse(treenode *node, treenode *found[])

In my case, the treenode *node passed to traverse() is the  root.
treenode *found[] is an array of nodes, initially empty.

I use the traditional recursive function:

        Visit the node
        traverse(node->right); }

In my case it is:

traverse(treenode *node, treenode *found[]) {
    if(node != NULL) {
                        traverse(node->left, found);
                        *(found++) = node;
                        traverse(node->right, found);


It doesn't work properly.
That is, not ALL nodes are in the array!
I think the problem is in the increment, but I cannot find an other way
(using a for(...;...;..++) is impossible, I think).

I have to post this work on Sunday, please help me!

Thank you Sandra

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